BRTC Agri & Livestock Webinar Series

BRTC Agri & Livestock Webinar Series

KIIT-TBI BRTC Announces a Series of Webinars on Livestock Production Management & Sustainable Agriculture and Agri-entrepreneurship

Under the BRTC program, we are conducting a series of online webinars on focused topics relevant to the North East Region with distinguished experts, from all over India including North East, this serves as a platform to cross-talk with various stakeholders to better understand the remarkable opportunities in the North East Innovation Ecosystem.

Innovations for Boosting Livestock Production Management

Series 1: Disease Management and Diagnosis in Cattles using novel Biotechnological Interventions
Speaker: Dr Shoor Vir Singh, GLA University | Date: 19th June, 11 AM

Series 2: Fishery, Aquaponics in North East: Latest Technology and Equipments
Speaker: Dr. Sonali Roy, NIPER-Guwahati | Date: 20th June, 11AM

Series 3: Technological & Entrepreneurial Innovations in Post-Harvest Fisheries with focus on Drying, Dehydration and Chilling Technologies

Innovations for boosting Sustainable Agriculture and Agri-entrepreneurship

Series 1: Scope of Funding Opportunities and Institutional Ecosystem for Agri-startups
Speaker: Dr. Danish Tamuly, NEATEHUB | Date: 22nd June, 3PM

Series 2: Pest and Disease Management
Speaker: Dr. Deepa Bhagat, ICAR-NBAIR | Date: 23rd June, 3PM

Series 3: Nutraceuticals, Probiotics using Indigenous Resources of North East

Session 1: 24th June, 11 AM
Speakers: Dr. J B Prajapati, AAU | Dr. Subroto Hati, SMC College of Dairy Science | Dr. Birendra Kumar Mishra, NEHU Shillong

Session 2: 28th June, 4 PM
Speaker: Dr. Prasanta Kumar Mitra, SMIMS

Series 4: IOT Devices for Remote Monitoring and Tracking
Speaker: Dr. Goutam Saha, NEHU Shillong and Dr. Ajoy Chakraborty, IASST-Guwahati | Date: 25th June, 11AM

Series 5: Strengthening of Seed System in North East
Speaker: Dr. Partha R Dasgupta, Syngenta Foundation | Date: 26th June, 4PM

Series 6: The Promising Spices of Northeast India
Speaker: Dr. A.S. Rajput, Regional Centre of Organic Farming, Bhubaneswar | Date: 27th June, 12PM

Series 7: Affordable Technology Solutions for Efficient Farming
Speaker: Dr. Hansa Jeswani, Sardar Patel College of Engg and Dr. Ajoy Chakraborty, IASST-Guwahati | Date: 30th June, 11AM

Series 8: Cultivation of Medicinal Plants
Speaker: Dr. Sonali Roy, NIPER-Guwahati | Date: 2nd July, 11AM


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