Rural Women Technology Park (RWTP)

The Rural Women Technology Park was set up in 2016 in the Chikiti Block, Ganjam district, Odisha with support from the SEED division of DST.

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The RWTP is spread over 10,000 sq. feet area with a built-up area of 3000 sq.ft. The key objective of setting up the park was to provide women empowerment through technological approaches in the rural setting.  


Key Issues Addressed

Lack of Skills & training Opportunities

Lack of access to affordable Health & Hygiene products


Lack of financial & market linkages & inadequate systems and techniques to support women enterprises

Lack of knowledge on alternative livelihood opportunities

Key Milestones Achieved Till Date

  • 150 women members have been equipped with knowledge and skills to combat the health & Nutrition specific problem in their locality
  • Nutritional status of 1250 families raised leading to a reduction in the maternal & infant mortality rate
  • 1250 families have access to safe drinking water & improved hygiene
  • 150 women trained to adapt the viable microenterprises on development of value added products
  • Access to market Linkages to sell their products

Awareness and Training Programs

The entire program was divided into 3 parts which were:
  • Training on Preparing Household Organic fertilizers
  • Program on Proper Intake of Food and Nutrition
  • Training on the use of low-Cost drudgery Reduction equipment in Agriculture
  • Awareness Camp on (ARSH) and family and child care.

Commercialization Units Set Up

The Biodegradable Sanitary napkin unit was set up in 2017 with support from National Innovation Foundation (NIF). The Unit currently has a production capacity of 15000 units per month. The products manufactured here cater to the needs to the local community and to the ladies hostels and hospitals in the 50km radius. The unit provides employment to 7 women from the block.

The Incense Stick Production Unit was set up in 2018 to add another avenue of livelihood generation. The Unit produces 400-500 kgs of incense stick every month.

The success of the unit in completely being run by the local women has won allocated from NIF and they have supported the unit by sponsoring the set up of the second production unit. The dual unit provides employment to 5 women from the block.

The mushroom production unit was set up in 2019 to cater to the demands of the local community for this delicacy. The Unit has the capacity of laying 100 paddy beds at one time and a production capacity of 40-50 kgs per cycle. The production can be managed by 3 women.

Upcoming Commercialization Units

Food Processing Unit for Millets

The Millet Noodle Unit will enable the rural women to create value added products from the locally grown millets and therby create an opportunity for incremental livelighood generation. The Unit is estimated to have a production capacity of 1600 kgs/month

Computer Study Center

The Computer Study center is being set up for providing quality and affordable computer courses on the basics of handling the  the children attending primary & secondary school in the local community. The Study center is proposed to have two batches in a day to cater to the different school timings.