Development Commissioner Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises



KIITTBI got the "MSME Business Incubator status for Entrepreneurial and Managerial
Development" in 2010 funded by the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India(MSME).
All selected entrepreneurs/business ideas gets financial, technical, mentoring support, office space with plug and play facility and marketing assistance from the Incubation Centre.


For the effective implementation of the MSME-BI programme and setting up the MSME-Business Incubation Centre, a Management Committee was constituted immediately after the sanction of the Programme by DCMSME, Government of India. The Management Committee lay down the policy guidelines, suggest measures for effective utilization of facilities and expertise available in the host institute and from other institutes of the region as well. The Committee members meet at quarterly and holds its meeting to evaluate the progress of the incubatees and effective implementation of the MSME-BI programme.

The Management Committee have the following composition

One Senior Faculty Member from Technical Department of the Institute
Representative from MSME-DI, Cuttack
Representative from Financial institutions/Bank
Representative from Industrial Houses
Representative from the MSME-BI, KIIT

Supported Beneficiaries

Title of the technology/Innovation

Name of The Incubatee

FarEye Vehicle Tracking system

Mr. Gautam Kumar

Exhaust Air Purification System (EAPS)

Mr. Diptish Saha

Probiotic Fermented Milk Drink

Mr. Aditya Nanda Patro,

e-health system

Dr. Devendra Tiwari

Papyrus Eficiencia – the most cost effective and eco-friendly paper

Mr. Anurag Kumar Kyal

Production of Vitamin C as bulk material by extraction & purification from Cashew-Apple

Mr. Ashutosh Padhi

Gas detection kit-SMS alert on gas leakage

Mr. Kushal Nahta

Incorporating SCFE (Super Critical Fluid Extraction) to the Herbal Medicine

Mr. Subimal Panigrahi

Formulation of potential indigenous Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) strains as a key factor in controlling vector borne diseases like malaria.

Dr. Regalin Rout

Mobile Tracking System

Mr. Kumar Devadutta

Development of unique blend of biostimulating microbial agents for use as biofertilizers

Dr. Dipak Kumar Sahu

 Development of Fungicide using Chitinolytic Microorganisms (Streptomyces)

Dr. Lopamudra Ray

A novel plant extract as a nutritional media supplement

Dr. Shrikant Mishra

"Next generation LED Luminaries"

Mr. Sruti Kanta Mishra

Intravenous Alert System

Mr. Ashutosh Behura

SRIJAN V2-3D Printer

Mr. Dhiraj Choudhary

Anti Pollution Nose Mask

Mr. Shashank Singhal

Bakery with Multigrain Food Products for low resource setting

Dr. Vishakha Raina

A Sustainable Green Technology for Biodiesel & By Products from Waste Cooking Oil

Mr. Rahul Chatterjee

Affordable biotablet for efficient and environment friendly decomposition of human waste for both urban and rural setting

Hema Krishna

A Non-contact Wearable Personalised Biosensor Based Device to Detect Early Cardiac Abnormalities in Apparently Healthy Individuals

Asim Syed Sheeraz

Ripening biosensor

Diksha Malhotra

Development of polymers to be used as flocculants (mineral additives) in iron ore beneficiation plants

Gyan Ranjan Das

Next Generation Solar Uninterrupted Power Supply 

Suraj Kumar

Low Cost Motorized Mobility Aids With Embedded Control Systems

Samit Ranjan